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Why you need Concourse Data

Concourse Open operates many services (including ETHGasStation, DeFi Pulse, Rekto, etc) which thousands of users, websites, and applications rely upon everyday to understand the decentralized ecosystem. Most notably, Ethereum gas price data provided ETHGasStation’s API has become essential for decentralized application (DApp) developers.

Leveraging our comprehensive datasets allows you and your team to work smarter, not harder. Whether your application needs the latest gas prices or you want to analyze trends in decentralized finance, Concourse Data has ample data from across the ecosystem to help you make informed decisions.

Independent researchers, developers, marketers, companies, consultants, journalists - everyone needs data to produce content, design new applications, and build successful business models. Concourse Data combines our APIs providing you with the reliable and comprehensive data you need.

Concourse Data Dashboard Access - Pricing


Perfect for developers, researchers, journalists, consultants and teams. Get access to the data you need to push your strategies forward.

USD 95/month

1 million monthly credits


We’re here to help everyone take their project to the next level. Let us know your needs, budget and company size and we’ll send you a quote.


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Our free plan. Get familiarized with the Concourse Data Dashboard. 10,000 credits to use on any Concourse Data API.

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Leverage the Concourse APIs - built by users, for users

Access all historical gas data via Concourse Data

  • Fast, standard and safe low gas price
  • Prediction table showing estimated confirmation time for each price
  • TX pool vision showing historical confirmation time for each price

The current #1 source of data for DeFi growth, available on Concourse Data

  • Total value locked in defi projects
  • Historical data
  • Lending rates for: Compound, Maker, Fulcrum, Nuo, Dydx

Easy-readable historical metrics and details, ready to download. API for apps and .csv downloads available

  • Historical liquidation events
  • Symbols available on bitmex
  • Total damage for each symbol 24h
  • Top 10 liquidations 24h

Concourse Data

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